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Fitting Guide

Pico Design Andrea Panico Necklace Lengths


To ensure your Pico Design jewelry is just right, we have created sizing documents that should help in your selection. You can select and print each document (at 100% on your printer) to measure your size.

The Ring Sizer  includes a few ways for you to measure your ring size. The document can be printed right at home. Use the top portion to cut out a paper ring and wrap it around your finger and get the US size. Or use an existing ring and match it up to the sizes we have laid out on the bottom right. Whichever way you choose, make note when ordering rings with us.

The Necklace Sizer shows necklace lengths from 14" through 30", which are the typical lengths we offer at Pico Design. If you are interested in a custom chain length, you can always email us and request it!

Our Bracelet Sizer includes a cutout tool to measure the hand and wrist for sizing bangles and cuffs. 

Please also read our instructions on How to Put on a Cuff Bracelet here. It may seem self explanatory, but knowing how to put it on and take it off can help prolong the life of your piece!