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Wrist Wear Trends

Originally Published in Gift Shop Magazine.

Pico Design | Andrea Panico. Capuchinas Bracelet 

Marilyn Monroe had it right: Diamonds are a girl's best friend. That one elegant statement captures the timeless appeal of a woman's wardrobe. The latest census report published by Accessories Magazine in conjunction with the NPD Group, projected that the 2012 sales of all women's accessories would reach a whopping 30 billion. Of this jewelry makes up a big chunk of the pie at a little over 35% market share. So jewelry might just be the thing to jazz up your store sales.

Wrist wear is especially fun because the possibilities are endless and the merchandising display ideas equally arresting. GIFT SHOP's Facebook fans attested to the popularity of the category in their stores voting for stacked and leather bracelets as clear winners in the category.

Here is a wrap-up of what to watch for in must-wear wrist wear!

Nautical Treasures- Carting New Waters CoverWrist Wear Trends- Capuchinas Bracelet  |  Pico Design by Andrea Panico

Pico Design's Capuchinas Bracelet, shown top left.